Trident UHF 8 Port Fold Out Ramp

Trident UHF Foldable Timing Mats

These UHF mats are collapsible and low profile, easy to set up in the matter of seconds. Light weight and durable

Each Panel is
Length: 655mm, Width: 368mm, Depth: 22mm, Weight: 3.6kg

Approx Totals
8 Port = 5.240m

Technical specifications
Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane.
Horizontally polarized.
FCC and EU compliant versions available.
1 x 8 port FCC 900-925 MHz

Notable features

  • Attach one 5.20 meter line or two 2.60 meter lines to your system.
  • Easily extandable to make line wider.
  • 99.9% read rate.
  • Super slim with non-slip surface.
  • 1 minute setup time.
  • Adapts to uneven terrain.
  • Designed and produced in Europe.