Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy parts at other stores?
Yes you could. But we track each serial number sold with the units, and parts. If you are using parts from another supplier they are not supported with us. You will be asked the serial number when you contact us for support. We do understand other stores may have something cheaper. But we do need to pay for development of the systems. We hope by providing good customer service, you will purchase from us.
What do I get with each system?
All systems are ready to go! All hardware and scoring software is included. Software is licensed for 1 year from the time of purchase. You do need to renew the license once a year for support and software upgrades.
What do you mean by external battery?
Our systems do not contain batteries for timing.  The newer Diamond 2.0 contains a 30 minute backup battery.  The systems plug right into power, but by using the extra battery pack you can run the system up to 6 hours without a battery. While we recommend you use real power for a finish line, in our testing we see the following: Diamond system on larger 1500 watt available battery, 12 hours. Sapphire, Ruby, and Opal all run 16 plus hours. With a smaller 600 watt battery we see over 10 hours with the single reader systems and 8 hours with a double reader system. Plenty to handle a start or split location.  We now recommend Goal Zero 400 watt batteries for backup.
Please explain the software and licensing?
Our software runs on a laptop or pc you provide. Via IP you will connect to the readers in the timing boxes. When you click the Collect reads button the chip reads come right into the laptop. The software has the ability to run your reports directly, no need for external packages. Please see the software section and instruction areas for more details. Each system comes with the software and free upgrades for one year. Each subsequent year is $750.00 for a Diamond, $500 for a Sapphire, and $350 for an Opal.
What's the biggest race you can time with each size system?
Well you can push limits all you choose. But some examples are for a starting line, 2 x 25 ft lines have handled 25,000 people easily. At the finish where it's less dense you could do the same races with 2 x 12ft. But we would recommend an Opal Backup unit. The only limiting factor is the width. For denser or larger races simply put 2 x 25 ft together for 50ft.
How are the read rates?
Read rates are highly subjective and anyone who quotes hard numbers is simply not telling the truth. In our industry it's very difficult over a large race to know how many people actually started the race. Typical read rates are 99.95 % at the finish and 99.9% at the start depending on what type of tag is used. Overhead antennas typically read better than the ground antennas but take longer to setup. So there is a tradeoff.
What types of tags do you recommend?
For Bib tags we use Monza 6 Dogbone tags placed vertically on the side of the bib. Tags are cheap. For a larger race double tag each side of the bib. We also offer tags that can be used on the shoe. For triathlons we use a specially designed chip. See the accessories section.
Do I have to buy my tags from RM Timing Systems?
No our system is open. But we would appreciate it. It helps to further better the system. We also offer preprogrammed tags. Send us your database and we will even print the name, age and gender on the tag.
How do I program tags?
You can do this using two methods. One is to connect to the reader and setup an antenna in a programming area clean of other chips. Set the software in prgram mode. Wave the chip or bib with chip on it in front of the antenna until it's programmed. This takes longer and is recommended for events under a few thousand people. For larger events aside from ordered pre-programmed from us you can purchase a Zebra printer. The Zebra printer will program the tags very quickly.
What's on your mind?

If you have any questions about our timing systems, software or need consultation for your event. Please don't hesitate to contact us.