Trident Infinity AnkleTag

The Trident AnkleTag is made for running, watersport and multisport events. Like the name says, it’s ideal for wearing around an athlete’s ankle.  Does not include strap.


Product Price Breaks
Quantity Price
5000 $7.50

Product Overview

The AnkleTag's ergonomic form makes it a smaller, more user-friendly tag and the new AnkleStrap slips easily into its wider custom designed slots. Uniquely, a small split ring hole in this tag allows pets and guide dogs to be registered and run with their owners in events.

Product Specs

  • Passive – so no battery is needed
  • Robust waterproof construction (IP67)
  • Two convenient slots for easy insertion into AnkleStrap
  • Small form factor – just 40mm x 12mm x 9mm
  • A small hole for a split ring allows for attachment to a dog collar
  • For larger batches we can offer custom colored tags
  • Tag mapping file included for easy import to your scoring software