Release RM Pro Software Changes Notes

Required Downloads for RM:  Ensure you have these installed on all RM Machines.

Access Database

.NET Framework 4.5 

Version 6.0.10 May 20, 2019

Updated how ImportEntrants handles Title Case, capitalization, no change settings
Updated how maximize scales
Updated the User Account Payment Cards tab
Renamed Monza 4 to Numeric (open)

Version 6.0.9 May 16, 2019

Update file permission check

Version 6.0.8 May 16, 2019

Added 2 new formatting options to the Kiosk Settings to help configure the Display Message for a name and the Display Caption (for the Event Name)
Removed the column matching restriction on the import output file.
Added the ability to import RaceResult Active and Trident DF/Hybrid output files
Updated how RunSignup queries registrations for custom questions during Import
Added new UseGunTimeForScoring to result providers to determine which column is used for scoring when uploading results
Min Split can be changed while readers are collecting and the system is not in Start mode
When pressing Enter on Manual Entry with out entering anything else will act as a shortcut for entering "0" as a bib number to the log and output files
Added Ctrl+0 as a shortcut to enter "0" as a bib number to the log and output files
Updated Search Output Files to search "0" bibs
Updated Import Entrants to assign incoming columns to the newer database fields (user1-10)
ThingMagic Chip Programming defaulted write power to 1%
Added file permission check when not running as administrator
Added "Exclude Empty Entries" to Report Generator to remove participants the do not have criteria matching "Rank By" criteria.

Version 6.0.6 April 18, 2019

Added additional text to clarify the Kiosk Streamer settings
Updated the MinSplit dropown to allow changing the min split while reading
Updated the Report Generator to carry over the Gun/Chip Elapsed setting from step 2 as the initial Order By clause
Updated how the Import Entrants displays incoming information from the Registration Providers
Updated CameraSetup to not allow setting the Computer Time if the Readers are Connected
Removed licensed requirements for Registration and Result Providers
Added new Kiosk Reader window to display a congratulations message when used with Chip Check mode for entrants to scan their bibs
Added RChip and Version 4 chip options to the Zebra/ThingMagic print screens
Added a check on set System Time to not display it as set if there was an error contacting the internet time servers
Other minor updates

Version 6.0.5 March 13, 2019

Added Kiosk Query Interval Setting defaults to 5 minutes
Added Reader Info with the ability to display Serial Number and Mac address while also submitting to RM to add the readers to your account
Fixed bug with PRO chip and resetting to default
Updated Lynx Module check

Version 6.0.4 February 23, 2019

Changed cache timeout on Kiosk local network to 1 min (was 5)
Division Names allowed characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, /, ., +, &, and |

Version 6.0.3 February 21, 2019

Added trident schema file for Trident settings screen
Updated RM Timing news url

Version 6.0.2 February 20, 2019

Updated empty Age group handling when posting to RaceRoster Results
Updated RaceRoster Result processing
Added an overlay when the VLC is missing displaying a download link

Version 6.0.1 February 15, 2019

Initial patch release for RM Pro no changes

RM PRO RELEASE February 15, 2019

Chip Check screen includes Chip count
Custom Groups (Masters, etc) can be configured to not be removed when they are overall's
Added the ability to sort Age Groups in Reverse Order
Added Chip output as an option when saving to online storage
Added the ability to upload Laps to RaceRoster results
Updated Age Grading to use KM if they are set in the Divisions
Added Lap1 as a source option on Move/Migrate times
The search box is defaulted when opening the new Database view
Removed empty alert box when uplaoding Divisions to Providers that support uploads
Removed old Report Generator
Set the Lookup Athlete button as visible again on the Edit Athlete tab

RM PRO BETA RELEASE Version 6.0 January 22, 2019

Initial release of RM PRO Timing software.
Complete overhaul of license model for RM Timing Software. New Module based pricing structure uses a base $750 per year charge
with add on modules for software features. Full list of Modules and pricing can be found under File>>Account.
Notable New Features:
New Setup assistant
RM PRO CHIP Reading and Programming. RM PRO will ONLY work with RM Pro Chip
Trident Settings Window
Zebra Printer enabled for all RM users.
Updated XC Scoring, saved XC report settings, XC result posting option.
Credit based chip programming allows the timer to use Zebra Printers without required license model.
RM Pro Foam Chip Programming using Zebra Silverline Printer
Streamlined help video access
New side by side Video comparison in Athlete lookup/video lookup
New Report Generator with 4 sort by options
Online storing/sharing of report templates
15 split times in Database
10 Userfields in Database
Compact View/Advance View options for screen display
Clock Name no longer required to update clock time
New Checks on Entrant import to clean incoming data
Removal of overall form Rotating Results Display
Addition of AutoMerge Option for Registration information
Includes only empty cells or all incoming non time related fields

Important Note - Windows 7 and 8 users must download .net 4.6.2 from Microsoft, install and reboot before update.  It will be included in the complete build.